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ચરોતર સુન્ની વહોરા સમાજ

Inspired By : Charotar Sunni Vahora Samaj, Surat (D.G.)

About Us


As Salamu Alaikum WR. WB.,

Welcome to Charotar Sunni Vahora Community's First Own Matrimonial Web Portal. This is 100% Free Matrimonial Web Portal with Full Privacy Assurance for All Marriage Avid Members of Charotar Sunni Vahora Community of the World. The Best Web Portal For the Unmarried Youth, Divorced, Widow/Widower Adults of Charotar Sunni Vahora Community Living in India, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Pakistan & Other Countries. matrimonial web portal is developed by Mustak Kapadiya, Proprietor of (established in 1993) & Secretary of Charotar Sunni Vahora Samaj, Surat (D.Gujarat). Our sincere intention behind the development of this web portal is to assist the families of Charotar Sunni Vahora Community to get the perfect match for their children.

Since last 2-3 years many friends, committee members of various congregations of Charotar Sunni Vahora Community (especially Charotar Sunni Vahora Samaj, Surat-South Gujarat) & respected elders were requesting us to develop this kind of web portal only for Charotar Sunni Vahora Community. But due to busy schedule we could not spare time for development of this web portal at that time, because it was needed long time to develop it. Mr Rajak Vahora, Vice President of Charotar Sunni Vahora Community, Surat (South Gujarat) requested me for the first time about this project. He and other committee members frequently reminded me for this project to complete it as soon as possible. After all, respecting the demands and sentiments of all & keeping in mind the extreme need of today, we strongly decided to develop this web portal for Charotar Sunni Vahora Community. To complete this web portal it took approximately 5-6 months of us. We are still working day-night on it continuously & tiredlessly to improve it.

We positively hope that through this web portal it will be very easy & will benefit a lot for the all Marriage Avid Members of the Charotar Sunni Vahora community to find the best favorite partner according to their comparison. Insha Allah.

I am very much thankful to all well wishers of the Vahora Community who inspired & encouraged me to develop this web portal for easyness & benefit of the Vahora Community.

I am very much thankful to my younger son Muaaz Kapadiya (who is studying M.Sc. Cyber Security at Gandhinagar, Gujarat) for his technical support in development of this web portal. Without his expert support i could not be able to complete this project.

I am very very grateful to Almighty Allah (ﷻ) for giving us the opportunity to perform this great work for our Vahora Community.

Jazakumullah Khair.

Mustak Kapadiya. Secretary, Charotar Sunni Vahora Samaj, Surat (South Gujarat)

Launched month and year

We started working on this idea in April-2021, declared Date & Name of this web portal on Tuesday, 28th September-2021 and launched & started member registration on Wednesday, 29th September-2021 under name "".

We have taken initiative to make marriages easily & money free, which won't succeed unless your support. Please support our mission by spreading word about it to your friends and relatives.

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If you have any suggestions / compliment / want to donate or anything to say, Please contact us, we will love your feedback to improve this web portal.

Note: We don't have any office where you can meet us as everything is managed online. You can get in touch with us on the details mentioned in Contact Us page.

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