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ચરોતર સુન્ની વહોરા સમાજ

Inspired By : Charotar Sunni Vahora Samaj, Surat (D.G.)

Security Tips

Some Security Tips to Stay Safe against Fraud

As Salamu Alaikum WR. WB.,

Welcome to Charotar Sunni Vahora Community's First Own Matrimonial Web Portal. Thank You for showing trust in us for finding your life partner. We are committed to help you in this journey. Along with providing you a good experience, our focus has been on providing our members a safe & secure experience.

We believe that privacy is not a choice, it's a fundamental right and we have taken all necessary steps to ensure you're in control. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us and our systems are designed to ensure that you are always in control of all your personal information. With our privacy setting you can control who can view your Name, Photos and other personal details.

We have listed below some points to keep in mind to stay safe against fraud with you.

  • Give your parents number: It is not advisable to give your own mobile number. Wedding is something which needs to be accepted by our parents. Provide your parents contact number. This would ensure security in many ways.
  • Involve the family: Always make sure that your login credentials are shared with your parents as well. Even they would keep an eye on your profile in order to avoid any changes in your profile once in a while.
  • Don’t be the first person to contact: If you are interested in any profile, do not be the first person to approach them. Instead approach your parents and provide them the details. They would have the expertise to check how genuine the profile is based upon their past experience.
  • Keep an eye on the profiles: There would be some profiles you are interested in. In case if you approach them ensure that you get all your answers right at the first time. Some people would refuse to give any sort of information and would disappear and might come again after some time and provide some information. Be careful with these kinds of profiles.
  • Never trust instantly: Though all the matrimonial sites verify the users there are still ways people may find ways to fool the system. So stay alert and never provide your complete information in the first few instances.
  • Offline conversation: Take the conversation offline only when you're completely ready & satisfied with the partner profile. To help with this, contact details settings let's you hide your phone number from all members.
  • Do not meet them alone: Even after you find the person is genuine online and plan to meet them outside, make sure you are not going to meet them alone. Always have any of your family members guard you. When meeting for the first time choose public spaces such as coffee shops, restaurants, malls etc.
  • Avoid financial help: Avoid giving financial help to any member who claims to have an urgent need.
  • Don't share details: Don't share your bank account details or home address with someone you have just met.
  • Report suspicious profiles: If someone sends you offensive messages / misbehaves with you OR you find anything suspicious about certain profiles, please inform us immediately. If you find any suspicious profile report to us and we will look into it immediately & take necessary actions as soon as possible.
We are committed to this journey towards safety and work with all legal authorities to ensure the necessary actions.

We are trying to provide a completely free matrimonial web service that is as good as a paid professional service.

We have taken initiative to make marriages easily & money free, which won't succeed unless your support. Please support our mission by spreading word about it to your friends and relatives.

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Note: We don't have any office where you can meet us as everything is managed online. You can get in touch with us on the details mentioned in Contact Us page.

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