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ચરોતર સુન્ની વહોરા સમાજ

Inspired By : Charotar Sunni Vahora Samaj, Surat (D.G.)

Why Free

Why 100% Free Matrimonial Service

We believe that finding the right life partner is one of the most important and difficult task of one's life in todays modern & busy life. Our goal is to help you in the process of finding your perfect life partner by providing 100% FREE Match Making Service.

  • Finding life partner is a long process and matrimonial site is just a way by which interested members can contact each other to match their interest and communicate further.
  • Paying high fees for contacting interested members is not affordable to everyone. Hence it’s important to have free service by which interested members can contact each other.
  • We wish to make Nikah (Marriage) Very Easy & Zina (Adultery) the most difficult.
  • Now, Not a single daughter / son of the Vahora Community will remain a virgin due to not getting a suitable candidate. In Sha Allah.
  • To prevent the daughters of our Vahora community from making wrong decisions and to stop them from marrying outside the Vahora community and in other religions.
  • It was our dream of helping Vahora Community to find their life partner at free of cost.
  • We are very very grateful to Almighty Allah (ﷻ) for giving us the opportunity to perform this great work for our Vahora Community.

Now obvious question comes to your mind, how we will make money to keep this free matrimonial service free forever.

  • Primary goal of this web portal is NOT to make money.
  • Its our way of helping our community to find their life partner at free of cost.
  • We are trying to provide a completely free matrimonial web service that is as good as a paid professional service.
  • Sometimes, In order to raise money, we will display advertisement at reasonable cost on our web portal.
  • We shall make money from donations from some rich & bountiful persons who appreciate & support our mission. Using these donations we will continue our mission of helping our Vahora / Muslim Community by developing such kind of other projects tiredlessly. In Sha Allah.
  • We extremely need your duas & support to succeed in our mission.

For all these reasons, we wish to provide this free matrimonial web service forever free. In Sha Allah.

All the services are completely free of charge

We have taken initiative to make marriages easily & money free, which won't succeed unless your support. Please support our mission by spreading word about it to your friends and relatives.

We offer all the services for free! So nothing to lose. Start finding your life partner right now. Register Now

If you have any suggestions / compliment / want to donate or anything to say, Please contact us, we will love your feedback to improve this web portal.

Note: We don't have any office where you can meet us as everything is managed online. You can get in touch with us on the details mentioned in Contact Us page.

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